What is the key to success???

There are so many ingredients in the success stew, so how do me and you figure out the ones we just cannot do without?

Trust me on this, the key to success is to believe in yourself!!! OK OK before you get all mad at me and say that is the THE key to success I will re-phrase that to say that ONE of the many keys to success is to believe in yourself.

Lets face it, without this one ingredient you probably will not achieve the life of your dreams, and you will forever be stuck in the cycle of just wishing for the life of your dreams!

Think about massively successful people such as Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban; do you think they had it easy in creating the life of their dreams? Do you think they experienced a setback or two and had to pick themselves back up form that “failure”? You bet they did….BUT

They had the key to success and they believed in themselves?

That is why they were able to pursue their vision despite the enormous failures they experienced, and why they could persevere for years before they eventually created their version of success.

As you are a person that is committed to achieving more success in your life, you are going to experience setbacks (Im sorry to tell you but shit is going to happen that you did not expect). The big difference between successful people and losers is that the successful people know how to overcome obstacles and setbacks that naturally show up in life.

The way you overcome setbacks is by believing in yourself and believing in your ability to make it eventually no matter what happens along the way.

Here are two daily success habits that will help you improve your self-belief and create the life of your dreams:

1. Focus On Your Successesspiritual_laws_of_money_300x300

It’s very easy to fall into the mistake of looking at everything that has gone wrong in your life, and then beating yourself up because of mistakes that you have made along the way. It’s a natural human tendency to get stuck on the negative things and dwell on setbacks and things that have gone wrong.

Try this instead…

Firstly look at setbacks as nothing but an opportunity to learn and adjust your actions. Secondly and most importantly focus on the good things that happened for you during the day. Every night before you go to bed grab your journal and write down at least 3 successes you had during the day. This will get you into the daily habit of looking for the wins that you had, and appreciating those wins so that by the Law Of Attraction more wins come to you.

So no matter how big or how small they may be, focus on your successes!

2. Practice Positive Self-Talk

Change the way you speak to yourself about how things are going for you. Try speaking to yourself like you are already as successful as you want to be, like you are already a powerful unstoppable champion.

Do not speak to yourself (or others) like a victim who has no control over what has happened, speak like a winner that has ultimate control. We cannot change what has happened, but we can change how we respond to what has happened.

When things go wrong physically tell yourself that you are getting better and better every day. Tell yourself that there is nothing you cannot achieve when you commit to it. Say things like “I am a winner”, “I am a Champion”, “I am an overcomer”, and “I can do it”

This may be weird at first but give it a try, you have nothing to lose and all the belief in the world to gain

In Summary

If you do not believe in yourself at your core, then how will anyone else believe in you? If you do not believe in yourself then how do you expect your family to know that everything will be fine? How will your co-workers and bosses have faith in you and your decisions if you don’t believe in yourself? How can you create your ideal life and the wealth you desire if you don’t believe in yourself?

Believe in yourself…you can do it!!!

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