1. What’s the best way to get started with Secret Success Blueprint?

Each lesson builds on the prior lesson. Therefore students get the most success when they do the lessons in order, without skipping around. Simply get started with the introduction then follow Module 1 through 7 in order and then finally the Bonus Module.

2. What about 10 Day Accelerator Program?
We suggest you start this accelerated program after you have completed Module 5, however you can start at any time. Whenever you feel you are ready to start this part of the program is the right time for you. Each morning watch the video or read the daily content, and then during the day do the activities suggested. This will build powerful brain connections.

3. How do I go through the Inner Circle Coaching program?

The best way to do this program is to watch a coaching video once a week. Then during the following week do the exercises given in the class. This is a huge help in getting you to commit to the system given to you in Secret Success Blueprint. Then a week later you watch the next video in the series. This will build your momentum as you follow through on the information given in Secret Success Blueprint and create actual change in your life.

4. Are there any extra costs beyond what I’ve already paid?

Aside from a few dollars for some poster board to make your Vision Board, you don’t need to spend additional money to make use of the Secret Success Blueprint program. We do recommend some books and audio programs however the purchase of additional books is your choice.

5. Can I download the training videos?

The video files are not available for download. This is to prevent piracy and protect your investment in the course. You can watch the videos as much as you wish, as often as you wish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no limits to the number of hours of viewing time. Simply log in any time to watch the next video lesson or review previous lessons.

6. I purchased the Secret Success Blueprint program but not the additional products. Are those necessary for me to achieve success?

Not at all! The Secret Success Blueprint system is complete and you don’t have to have anything else to make it work for you. The additional products we offer are designed to address specific issues or show you how to transform your life at a faster pace.

10 Day Accelerator Program is an accelerated method for programming the subconscious mind. It’s for people who are highly motivated and willing to invest immediate time and effort to make significant changes in their lives at a more rapid pace.

The Inner Circle Coaching provides a deeper level of coaching for each of the modules for accelerated change and a balanced lifestyle. It includes eight webinar replays of Glen teaching the modules and giving the students specific transformational exercises and answering questions.

7. Where do I go if I want to change my password or billing subscription?

Simply go to your profile page at http://secretsuccessblueprint.com/members/wp-admin/profile.php and update your password. In case you do not remember your password, you can reset it at http://secretsuccessblueprint.com/members/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

8. How to Use the Subconscious Software Upgrade Audios?

These mind controlled relaxation audio files have been specially engineered to work on your subconscious mind. You are taking into a deep relaxed pre-subconscious mind state, which bypasses the accept/reject mechanism of the conscious mind. This helps program your subconscious mind with the mindset needed to accelerate your results.

There are three audios that each address one of the critical areas of success. One addresses your overall health and vitality, another your goals, and a third your financial goals. These sessions counteract any negative or limiting beliefs you may have.

There is no subliminal messages on these audio files, what you hear is what you get.

Here is how we suggest you use the audio files.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT LISTEN while driving or doing any activity that requires you to be awake and fully conscious. The recordings will relax you and may even put you into a slightly trance like state. You may also fall asleep while listening. Therefore NO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING, OPERATING MACHINERY, etc.

For Best Results
Make sure you will not be disturbed for about twenty minutes. Lie flat on your back with legs uncrossed and arms down by your sides, palms facing upward. Or sit in a chair (or in your car during lunch break) with your legs uncrossed and hands on your lap. Headphones are not required however for the health and safety of your hearing, ALWAYS keep the volume at a comfortable level.

Listen to at one track at least once during the day (and preferably twice during the day):
The relaxed state these audios take you into is like having a two-hour nap, so take a beak during your work day and do one of the sessions. If you do not have privacy due to your work environment we suggest you sit in your car and do the session. The sessions are about twenty minutes long.

9. Are there any subliminal messages or binaural beats on the audios?
There are no hidden messages, no subliminal messages, and no binaural beats on these audio tracks. 
With the exception of some relaxing background music to aid your relaxed state all you hear is Glen’s voice guiding you into a relaxed state and then giving you statements to repeat in your own mind. What you hear is what you get.

10. I am curious what lies ahead. Does the program talk about energy work, subconscious block removal, EFT etc?

This is not a energy management program per se, however Module 5 is all about your vibrations. Your vibration determines your outcome and that is 100% energetic, and also 100% totally in your control.

The Bonus Module addresses what stops you fro getting what you want (which is 95% subconscious blocks), and modalities like EFT and TFT have an absolutely powerful effect in this arena. So while we don’t teach these concepts directly, we do make recommendations of where to get some great free resources to learn these modalities. There are so many good entrainment technique programs out there such as TFT (Roger Callahan’s site), EFT (Gary Craig’s site) to name but a few, and we let you know where to get more information.

Glen’s work focuses on results and teaching techniques that work in the real world. Glen’s principles of success embrace the concept of “To be a master you must master the basics”, therefore Glen tends to get you to focus on finding a few things that work for you and making sure you know how to use them. From Glen’s martial arts instructor background he understands the concept of “I am not afraid of the 1,000 punches you know that you have practice once each, but I am deadly afraid of the one punch you know that you have practiced 1,000 times”. His intention is to show you how to use the techniques he teaches so that you actually make changes in your life. This follows the concept of “To know and not to do is not to know”

Glen teaches that the inner world creates the outer world and the bridge between these two worlds is “taking action”. In his teachings Glen shares the methods he used to build those bridges for himself. This is why his methods do not conflict with any type of energy healing or even religious beliefs. They are techniques that allow you to bridge what’s inside with what’s outside.

Some of the things that are coming up are: practical ways to reduce and even dissolve the limiting beliefs that stop you from taking action. These “dragons” prevent you from crossing the bridge from the inner world to the outer world. Glen recommends a very powerful proprietary technique called The Subconscious Release Technique, and Glen provides all students with a complimentary consultation where they will discover exactly how this technique removes disempowering beliefs that stop you from getting what you want.

Glen especially teaches that while you are removing the things that block you from success, and while you are working towards your goals, you must feel good. Glen teaches how to be happy, and in a state of gratitude even while you’re working hard on your goals.

In this way, students are excited about what they are working towards, yet happy where they are now. All the lessons are based on small real world baby step actions so you can make a tangible connection between the inner world and the outer world. It’s about building momentum with “small successes” and employs the Success Cycle to create bigger and more meaningful changes in our lives.