Getting Things Done – 2 Secrets To Success

Do you want to get things done more effectively and with way more productivity than you are achieving right now?

If you answered yes then here are 2 secrets to success for you to ponder…

How can you become more productive in what you do on a day-to-day basis?

Now I specifically asked what you must do on a day to day basis because one of the secrets to success is showing up 100% in the mundane things. Success is not just all about the huge “peak” accomplishments. No, success is about how you do the small things daily when no one is watching.

Success is about consistency over intensity, you have to set yourself up for the long haul because success comes from doing the right thing long enough consistently. While you may just get lucky and achieve overnight stardom, most likely that came to you because you showed true persistence and followed through on your decisions to make things happen in your life by taking consistent action…

So here are two very simple questions to ask yourself:

1. What Do I Want?

You may be surprised to hear that the number one reason people don’t achieve success is because that do not know what they want. So many people don’t even know what they want and don’t set a specific goal, or they know what they want but define it in very vague terms. So to boost your effectiveness and to become more productive ask yourself “What Do I Want?” What is the specific outcome that you are trying to achieve today? Not in five years’ time, but today?

Got it?


Now ask the second question…

2. Now What Needs to Be Done?

This is very “activity” driven question specifically designed to move you in the direction of what you want. Now the Law of Attraction does exist, and it is a very powerful tool to help you get what you want…but all that manifesting will come to naught if you don’t take some action!

So what can you start doing right now that will take you closer to what you want? You want to get the momentum going and make consistent progress that is sustainable, and you do that with making baby steps. Write down the small actions you can take right now…then here is a shocker…DO THEM!!!!

Leaders do the things that need to be done to achieve success and you are the leader of your life…so do the small things that need to be done and they will snowball into big things that carry you along to your dreams.

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