Want more wealth? Then follow this word of wisdom…

Your Inner World creates your Outer World!!!

One of the great wealth teachers T Harv Eker taught me that, put another way, the physical environment we find ourselves in is a direct reflection of what we are on the inside, a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs!

One of the fundamental internal qualities is wisdom, in fact it has been declared one of the 6 basic human virtues. Wisdom is the basis from which specialized knowledge is acquired from which success can flow. I spend a lot of time studying the connection between what’s inside us and how that relates to our outer world success. I believe that what we achieve in our outer world is a direct result of what and who we are on the inside. In fact all the great leaders across the ages have agreed that we become what we think. I have concluded that we cannot change our life on the outside without first changing it on the inside.

If you want things in your life to change then you are going to have to change things in your life. That starts with your thoughts, so it may well be time to reflect on what’s going on in your head and your heart. You can try changing things on the outside, but if you aren’t looking within first, the changes will be short lived and you won’t make much progress as you soon slip back to your previous state.

All of us have an infinite space within us for truly great things. Within some of us that space is filled up with Gold, and for others it’s filled with dirt (and for some there is just an empty void!). This is the space where you can for acquire wisdom. The purpose of this article is to explore ways to stop going after success in extrinsic financial terms and to start on a quest for intrinsic wisdom.

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Here are some suggestions for moving in that direction:

1. Have Self Awareness 

Start being introspective and observe what’s going on within yourself, others around you, and events in the world at large. Become self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Pretty much you need to pay attention and wake up to the true realities in your life. Most people these days are in an induced trance like hypnotic like state where they think they’re freely moving about, but the truth is they’ve become a slave to their circumstances.

Be observant, look around and analyze what’s going on in the world around you. Do the same with yourself. Look for the deeper message and seek the deeper meaning in everything. Repeatedly ask this question, “What do I want? and what needs to be done next?” And ask the same of others too. Another question you should regularly ask is, “What’s really happening here?”

2. Develop Gratitude

If my discovery is correct and wisdom is a fundamental aspect of achieving financial success or wealth, then I believe that gratitude is fundamental to wisdom. I do not think you can acquire greater wisdom if you do not value the wisdom you already have. If you believe yourself to be wise already, then you become unteachable and you shut down your learning ability

True wisdom is an incredibly rare commodity. My suggestion is to be open and teachable, don’t think you know it all because we don’t know what we don’t know. Thomas Edison once said, “We do not understand a millionth of 1% about anything.” And he was a pretty smart man.

3. Recognize What Works

Now that we’ve covered having self-awareness and being grateful, it’s time to start recognizing recurring patterns in your life:

Remember the old proverb that says insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Pay attention to this and change things when they don’t work. It’s a simple cycle, take action, get feedback, make adjustments, and then take action again…

Be aware of the outcomes, ask yourself

When I act this way what happens and what outcome do I achieve?

When I change the way I act, do I get a different result?

Does the new result make things better or worse?

Continue looking for patterns in your behavior and the results that come about.

4. Learn From the Past

When you spot patterns involving mistakes, not just yours but others too, learn from them. You definitely want to learn from the mistakes of others so you can avoid them in your own life.

Mistakes can be a good thing. It means you’re out there trying, not sitting home in front of the TV. Look at mistakes as a good thing and stop being surprised when they happen. It’s inevitable in life. We all have flaws and are certainly not perfect. On a path to perfection there will be hundreds and indeed thousands of mistakes made. You may strive to make as many mistakes as possible as fast as you can! This way they will become fewer and farther between as you become wiser. Each one is just pointing you in the right direction. Try to think of it in those terms.

Do not be heartbroken when you fail. Embrace the “failing forward” idea as reality. People who truly understand this truism actually get excited by a failure since they know it’s nothing but feedback and there is a lesson in this that will benefit them in the future. Failure builds character, which can sustain you over the long haul.

5. Gain Specialized Knowledge

Acquiring a bunch of “bling” things in your life is great, but acquiring specialized knowledge is even greater. Wealthy people know their market very well, they have specialized knowledge, and you can get that as well.

Become curious about everything. Strive to know as much as you possibly can. Read books about the things you are interested in and every time you read your understanding goes up and your belief that you can do it improves. I love biographies of fascinating people throughout time because you can observe and learn from their mistakes and successes. Always be reading inspirational and motivational self-help books and books on how people became self-made successes. You will learn something new every time up a book because you are a different person and have new cognitions every time you read that book.

How can you determine if you’re a real seeker of the truth? When you can name all the books and literature you’re currently reading and not be exaggerating. We’re currently in an information and knowledge-based economy. If you want to make more money then I suggest you acquire more specialized knowledge. If this were an agricultural economy, as in past decades, I would suggest you acquire more land, but that’s not the case.

In Summary

Have self-awareness and know your strengths and weaknesses

Be grateful for what you have so that more can come to you

Use your awareness to recognize what worked for you in the past

Learn from every mistake you make and apply the lessons.

Be a life student and gain specialized knowledge for improving your life.


Do all of this and you will gain wisdom, and with that wisdom you can become wealthy.


Others have done it….so you can do it too!!!!



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