In today’s information age it is really easy to be the victim of information overload and feel very frustrated that you cannot come up with any great ideas of you own. But the funny thing is that you probably already have most of the big ideas that you need to get ahead already. But these ideas are buried deep within your subconscious mind and are not easily accessible. You need to learn how to awaken your inner wisdom so that you too can also come up with magical ideas. Lets face it, how ofter have you seen the latest miracle product and thought to yourself “that is pretty dam simple, what didn’t I think of that?”

Well you can think of it:

You need to practice using your inner wisdom so that you can awaken your inner wisdom.

1. Quite Your Mind.300x600_DRdesign_01

To listen to your inner wisdom you sometimes need to be be counter-intuitive and do absolutely nothing. This is especially true when you are always very busy and on the go. You need to slow down the crazy swinging monkeys that are your thoughts, so take a chill pill. Do some meditation, go sit by a river or ta beach and watch the water, go on a vacation, chill out and slow down. Get out of your day-to-day routine and let your mind go blank. To hear your inner wisdom you need to shut up your conscious thoughts and and let the ideas from your inner wisdom flow to you, so do nothing.

2. Start a Daily Journal.

To tap into your inner wisdom get out a paper and pen and let ideas and thoughts flow from your mind to the paper. Try writing a couple of pages of random thoughts first thing in the morning, don’t edit what comes out of you, just let everything flow out onto the paper. The idea is to write for the trash can, what I mean is write stuff that is not meant for anyone else to read. Let your thoughts flow knowing that your writing does not need to be good, its just a brain dump, nobody will ever read it. Its amazing how you subconscious mind will start formulating ideas when you give it the freedom, be patient, it may take a number of days to release your inner wisdom.

3. Pay Attention To Your Thoughts.

If you think the thoughts that pop into your head at random times of the day are meaningless then you may be missing the big hints your inner wisdom keeps giving you. Pay attention to the little thoughts you have all throughout the day. Keep your journal nearby and make note of what comes up during the day. You may be singing in the shower one moment and the next moment the worlds best idea pops into your head…problem is we tend to ignore, or forget, these ideas if we don’t pay attention and make some notes.

4. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.

Being to serious can stifle the inner wisdom we all have. Feel good about yourself, laugh a lot, lighten up, do things that make you feel good. Studies have shown that people with a sense of humor are more creative and listening to something funny before taking a test has even been proven to improve test scores. So laugh more, laughing releases chemicals that make you feel good, and that will make you more relaxed (see item 1) and let your creative juices flow to bring forth that inner wisdom.

The bottom line is most of what you need to know is already inside you, all you have to do is strengthen that inner wisdom muscle by using it more often. Patience is required for this just as you would need to be patient if you started working out in the gym. Consistency over intensity is the way to go.


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