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Meet Glen

Glen Fichardt is the Founder of Secret Success Blueprint and author of a best selling Amazon Kindle book, and creator of an online personal development blog. Glen has had a highly successful corporate career and is now a certified Master Coach.

Glen’s kindle book “How I Lost Weight By Changing My Lifestyle Instead Of Dieting” was a number one downloaded book in its niche on

Glen success mindset principles have been featured on over 100 media outlets including CNN, NBS, NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox.
Glen has spoken on stage to over 2500 aspiring Internet Marketers at a major internet marketing conference in Las Vegas, and in fact Bob Proctor has twice been the speaker to appear on stage directly after Glen has spoken.

Glen is dedicated to teaching every day people the lifestyle strategies that allow them to create their ideal life and live with Joy, Happiness, and Passion.

Glen and Bob Proctor

Glen and Bob Proctor

Glen’s information has literally changed my life because it has helped change my beliefs about healthy living! It has given me the confidence to achieve what I want

-Alex Slater, Reno NV

Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every consumer.

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Discover 3 Simple Tricks That May Lead To More Wealth, Success, and Happiness